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Vahrall Demons

Vahrall Description: Vahrall demons are green scally demons with a very prominant pheramon signature.

Powers: ''Slick like gold, and gird in moonlight, father of portents, and brother to blight, limbs of talons, eyes like knives, bane of the blameless, thief of lives.''

Appearances: Doomed.

Val Trepkos

Val Trepkos Description:

Powers: Val is extreemly strong and resistant to harm.

Appearances: The Ring.

Show notes: Played by actor Juan A Riojas.

Vampire Demons

Amends Description: Most vampires are humanoids with yellow eyes, rigid wrinkled forehead and pointed monstrous teeth. Some older ones are even more inhuman.

Powers: Vampires are a possessing demon that takes over the body of a dead human who drank blood of a vampire before it died. They can assume human form. Vampires have enhanced speed, strength and toughness. They can survive wounds that would kill most humans, and heal quickly. Vampires do not age. Vampires are vulnerable to sunlight, holy water and the cross, all of which cause them to burn. Beheading a vampire of piercing their hearts with wood kills a vampire.

Appearances: Welcome To The Hellmouth.

Names: Angelus, Colin, Darla, Drusilla, Harmony Kendall, Kakistos, Luke, Marcus, The Master, Russell Winters, Spike.

Vigorie Demons

Tay Description: Males have four ridges on their foreheads. The females appear mostly human except for the two raised ridges running down either cheek, violet eyes and the row of raised ridges on their back.

Powers: Males are said to be fierce warriors. The males are herbivores who consume a stew of rotting plants and flowers, and they consume half their body weight a day. The females have a row of raised ridges on their back. These ridges are called the ko. This area contains the personality and passions of the demon. When the females come of age, ko controls their physical and sexual power and it signals when they are aroused and have met desirable mates (it glows). When a female Vigorie matures she goes through a period where her ko supercharges them with energy, which manifests as heat and intense strength. At first they can't control this power and need to be cooled constantly. With practice and time they can use this power at will. When the ko is removed they are more easily controlled. Females live enslaved to the males in their home world, who cut off the females' ko. Males may also have a ko, but no powers seem to stem from them.

Appearances: She.

Names: Jheira, Tay.


Eliminati Description: Wincent was a causasian man in his thirties when she was turned into a vampire.

History: Vincent was a member of the Eliminati, in the service of the demon Balthazar. He was captured when attempting to kill Mayor Richard Wilkins and killed by Mister Trick.

Powers: Vincent had the normal powers and vulnerabilities of a vampire.

Appearances: Bad Girls.

Show notes: Played by actor.

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