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Sandy Description:

Powers: Sandy is a Vampire, with all the normal powers and vulnerabilities of one.

Appearances: Doppelgangland and Family.

Show notes: Played by actress ?.

She-Mantis Demons

She-Mantis Description: They appear to be a preying mantis that is larger then a human in size.

Powers: She-Mantis are powerful creatures who are driven by their urge to mate with human male virgins. The can assume the form of an attractive human female.

Appearances: Teacher's Pet.

Show notes: Played by actress Musetta Vander.


Sheila Description: Sheila was a causasian woman in her late teens when she was turned into a vampire.

History: Sheila was a trouble making student at Sunnydale High School in 1997 who was turned into a vampire by Drusilla. She tried to kill Buffy Summers, but failed and escaped.

Powers: Sheila has the normal powers and vulnerabilities of a vampire.

Appearances: School Hard.

Show notes: Played by actress Alexandra Johnes.

Sisterhood Of Jhe

Sister of Jhe Description: The demons of the Sisterhood of Jhe are blue skinned female demons with pointed ears and two rows of horns on their foreheads.

Powers: The demons of the Sisterhood of Jhe are exceptionally strong and resistant to harm.

Appearances: The Zeppo.


Spike Description: Spike was a caucasian human male who was turned into a vampire when he was in his mid 20's.

History: Spike was sired by Drusilla, probably around 1873. He is also known as William the Bloody. He got the nickname Spike because of his habit of torturing victims with railroad spikes. He and the sickly Drusilla arrived in Sunnydale in the fall of 1997. He soon established himself as the baddest vampire in town by killing Colin, The Anointed One (School Hard). Even though he had killed two Slayers in the past, his attempts at ridding himself of Buffy failed. After bringing Dru back to health using the duLac ritual, he was severely injured and confined to a wheelchair (What's My Line Part 2). During this time Angel lost his soul and turned evil again tried to win back former lover Drusilla, much to Spike's chagrin (Innocence). He eventually realized that all he really wanted was to have Dru for himself. He aided Buffy in defeating Angel's plans and took an unwilling Dru out of town, promising never to return (Becoming Part 2). Of course his word wasn't worth much after Dru left him. He returned to Sunnydale to get revenge on those he saw as making him look weak in Dru's eyes. Then he had a better idea, he tried to get Willow to perform a love spell to get her back. After a good head-clearing fight he decided to try and get her back himself by showing her he was demon enough for her (Lover's Walk). That didn't work and he came back once again a new vampire girlfriend, Harmony, looking for the Gem Of Amara. He found it but it was taken by Buffy, who sent it to Angel for safe keeping (The Harsh Light Of Day). Spike went to L.A. to get the gem from Angel, but was unsuccessful (In The Dark). After returning to Sunnydale he was captured by the Initiative (Wild At Heart). He quickly escaped, although he discovered that he could not feed upon humans due to a chip implanted in his brain by the Initiative. If he attempted to hurt a human he suffers intense neurological pain, although he can still hurt demons (The Initiative). Harmony dumped him and unable to feed, he made an offer to his worst enemy. He teamed up with the Slayer in trying to learn more about the Initiative, who they were keenly interested in knowing about (Pang). He also helped them destroy a gang of Vahrall demons who were trying to open the Hellmouth and then parted ways with them (Doomed). Spike aided Rupert Giles after he was turned into a Fryal demon (A New Man). Spike is currently residing in a Sunnydale cemetery.

Powers: Spike has the normal powers and vulnerabilities of a vampire. He is an exceptional fighter. He speaks the Fyral language.

Appearances: School Hard, In The Dark.

Show notes: Played by actor James Marsters.

(Thanks to Megan from the Watcher's Diary for helping me with this entry.)

Straley, Richard Howard

See Anomivic Demons.


Sunday Description: Sunday was a caucasian human female who was turned into a vampire in her late teens.

Powers: Sunday had the normal powers and vulnerabilities of a vampire.

Appearances: The Freshman.

Show notes: Played by actress Katherine Towne.

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