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Lagos Description: Lagos had mottled purple skin, jutting fangs, curving horns, purple eyes, and an unusual nose.

Powers: Lagos was exceptionally strong and tough.

Appearances: Revelations.

Show notes: Played by actor Gary Kasper.


Lasovic Description:


Appearances: The Ring.


Lena Description:

Powers: Lena has a tail she can manipulate with great dexterity.

Appearances: War Zone.

Show notes: Played by actress Kimberly James.


See Angelus.

Lister Demons

Lister Description: Lister demons are humanoids with grey skin and wrinkled faces.

Powers: Lister demons are consider half demons, and can breed with humans.

Names: Rieff, Rayna.

Appearances: Hero.


See Krevlornswath.


Lucas See Bracken Demons.


Luke Description: Luke was a caucasian human male who was turned into a vampire in his late thirties.

History: Luke was the right hand vamp to The Master for a number of years. He had a reputation as an unstopable fighter. During the Harvest of 1996 Luke became the Vessel of the Master, able to feed him energy from his kills in order to restore the Master to power. He was slain by Buffy Summers before the Master was completely restored.

Powers: Luke had the normal powers and vulnerabilities of a vampire. He was exceptionally strong.

Appearances: Welcome To The Hellmouth, The Harvest.

Show notes: Played by actor Brian Thompson.

Lurconis - DECEASED

Lurconis Description:


Appearances: Band Candy.

Show notes:

Lyle Gorch

Lyle Gorch Description: Lyle was a caucasian human male who was turned into a vampire in his late twenties or early thirties.

Powers: Lyle has the normal powers and vulnerabilities of a vampire.

Appearances: Bad Eggs and Homecoming.

Show notes: Played by actor Jeremy Ratchford.

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