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Kailiff Demons

Griff Description: They seem to be humans with rows of spikes on their head and face, big noses and eyebrow ridges.

Powers: They seem to be stronger then the average human.

Appearances: Rm w/a Vu.

Names: Griff.

Kakistos - DECEASED

Kakistos Description: Kakistos seemed to be a caucasian male, but had been a vampire so long he was even more inhuman then the average vampire. His hands and feet were cloven. He had male patter baldness, with the remainder kept very short, and a small beard.

Powers: Kakistos had the normal powers and vulnerabilities of a vampire, but was much more powerful then the average vampire. His feet and hands are cloven.

Appearances: Faith, Hope and Trick.

Show notes: Played by actor Jeremy Roberts.

Kathy Newman

Kathy Newman See Mok'Tagar Demons.

Show notes: Played by actress Dagney Kerr.


Ken Description: Ken is a hairless humanoid with red eyes and styalized scars oh his face.

Powers: Ken was long lived.

Appearances: Anne.

Show notes: Played by actor Carlos Jacott.

Kendall, Harmony

See Harmomy Kendall.

Kinderstod Demons

Der Kinderstod Description: A humanoid with long curving teeth and long white hair. It's eves are able to extend of stalks to drain it's victims.

Powers: Kinderstod demons can become invisibe to those who were not ill. They feed on the life force of sick children by sitting on top of them and draining them with his eye-tenticles. The children then looked like they died of their illness.

Appearances: Killed By Death.

Kleynack Demons

Kleynack Description: Kleynack are mysterious robed semi-humanoid demons with dark wrinkled skin and boney clawed hands.

Powers: A Kleynack demon can travel from dimension to dimension because the Band of Blacknil it wears. Legend says that the Kleynach rose up from their demon world, raped and pillaged the villages of man and all who fought against them were incinerated, whether they struck with fist or sword. The can be killed by a special metal glove if grabbed by the throat with it.

Appearances: Reprise.

Kralik, Zackary

See Zackary Kralik.


Krevlornswath Description: Krevlornswath is a thin Deathwok demon with short red hair. He prefers to wear colorful suits.

Powers: Krevlornswath has all the normal powers of a Deathwok demon, although they are developed a little differently. Whereas most Deathwok demons use their anagogic powers to track their prey, Krevlornswath uses his to read the auras of people when singing, and is very skilled at it.

History: Kervlornswath (or Lorne as he prefers) was born in the dimension of Pylea into the Deathwok clan. From the beginning he knew he was different from the others, he didn't like fighting and hunting like his friends and he knew something was missing. One day in 1996 he came across a portal in the woods and was taken to Earth where learned all about music. He built a karoke bar called Caritas (translated from Latin means "mercy") on the very spot he first appeared in. He used his power to see people's auras when they are singing to help them find the right path. He would service anyone, as long as they respect the sanctuary of Caritas and keept each person's reading private. He became known simply as the host.

When Wesley Wyndam-Pryce needed contacts with e demon world he found his way to Caritas, where he brought Angel sings to gain information. Th host has given Angel a lot of help, such as telling him where to find people he must protect (Judgement), sending him to people who can help him (Guise Will Be Guise), telling him about things such as The Band Of Blacknill (Reprise) and just giving him advice.

The host tried to steer Angel away from Darla (The Trial). He has also taken a more active role in some cases like when someone came into Caritas, sang and he sensed that no-one had a future after 10pm the next night. He helped Angel track down the guy and they stopped the world ending (Happy Anniversary). He kept trying and finally did manage to convince Angel to rejoin his crew after their breakup (Epiphany.)

The host also faced his past when his cousin Landokmar got sucked through a portal and came to Earth. The host helped them send his cousin back and he even went through himself to help Angel, Gunn and Wesley rescue Cordelia who was sucked through with the host's cousin. (Belonging, Over The Rainbow.)

Appearances: Judgement, Guise Will Be Guise, Reprise, The Trial, Happy Anniversary, Epiphany, Belonging, Over The Rainbow.

Show notes: Played by actor Andy Hallett.
(Thanks to Hanki from the Watcher's Diary for helping me with this entry.)


Kulak Description: Kulak is a yellow skinned humanoid with a crest on his head.

Powers: Kulak can generate bone throwing knives from his arms, which he is very skilled in using them in combat.

Appearances: Homecoming.

Show notes: Played by actor Chad Stahelski.

Kungai Demons

Kungai Description This large muscular demon is yellow in color with large skin folds. It is hairless and has a large horn on it's head.

Powers: The Kungai demon is an oriental demon with a Tak horn on it's head. This horn can drain the life out of opponents. They seem to be able to stick to walls. It is very deadly and powerful.

Appearances: Parting Gifts.

Kwaini Demons

Kwaini Description: Kwainin demon are said to be a peaceful balancing demon.


Appearances: The Prodigal.

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