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Powers: Jamie was a Vampire, with all the normal powers and vulnerabilities of one.

Appearances: Pangs.

Show notes: Played by actor William Vogt.


Jesse Description: Luke was a caucasian human male who was turned into a vampire in his mid teens.

Powers: Jesse had the normal powers and vulnerabilities of a vampire.

Appearances: Welcome To The Hellmouth, The Harvest.

Show notes: Played by actor Eric Balfour.


Jheira See Vigorie Demons.

Show notes: Played by actress Ling Bai.


John See Anomovic Demons.

Show notes: Played by actor Brad Blaisdell.

The Judge

The Judge Description: The Judge is a blue skinned black eyed humanoid with a crown of six horns on his head.

Powers: ''It's a legend, way before my time, of a demon brought forth to rid the Earth of the plague of humanity, separate the righteous from the wicked and to burn the righteous down.'' The Judge could sense humanity in those near him and burn them with his touch. He proved impossible to kill, and had to be broken down into pieces and imprisoned in boxes.

Appearances: Surprise, Innocence.

Show notes: Played by actor Brian Thompson. The makeup people called it the smurf demon due to it's blue color.

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