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Harmony Kendall

Harmony Kendall Description: Harmony was a caucasian human female who was turned into a vampire when she was 18. She has long blond hair.

History: Harmony Kendall was a student of Sunnydale Highschool, class of 1999, and good friend of Cordelia Chase for many years. A mostly clueless fashion slave she worked her way up the pecking order of snobby girls at the school. At her graduation ceremony she was approached by Xander Harris about aiding Buffy Summers in her fight against the Mayor, who planned to turn into a giant demon during the ceremony and eat all the students. She aided them, but during the fight she was killed and sired by a vampire henchman of the Mayor's (Graduation Day Part 1 & 2). She left Sunnydale after that, only to return with her new boyfriend Spike, looking for the Gem of Amara. She actually found the gem, but quickly gave the gem up to Spike (The Harsh Light Of Day). They suffered a rocky breakup, with Harmony fineally taking a stand against him. She was last seen living in a cave near UC Sunnydale, which she redecorated to suit her unvampire-like tastes (Pangs).

Powers: Harmony has the normal powers and vulnerabilities of a vampire. Despite her vampire powers, she still fights like a "girl", pulling hair and kicking. Her enhanced strength is minimal for a vampire.

Appearances: Welcome To The Hellmouth, Harsh Light Of Day, The Initiative, Pangs.

Show notes: Played by actress Mercedes McNab.

(Thanks to Nikita_20 from the Watcher's Diary for helping me with this entry.)

Haxil Beast Demons

Haxil Beast Description: A Haxil Beast is humanoid but large, at least twice the height of a human.

Powers: A Haxil Beast is an inner earth and procrea-parasitic demon. It is very hard to kill, immune to fire and decapitation. It isn't immune to super cooled liquids though. It has worshippers build it a shrine, and they are imbued with its' life force so they could impregnate women with it's young. In return the worshippers got fame, money and success. The young are fed and maintained by a telepathic link to their parent in the early stages of development, and could be killed by destroying the parent. This telepathic influence can also be extended to the surrogate mothers to control them.

Appearances: Expecting.

Hell Hound Demons

Hell Hound Description: Hell Hound demons are brown hairy humanoids with vaguely dog-like features.

Powers: Hell Hound are demon foot soldiers who eat brains to survive. The are not too bright, more animal then intelligent being.

Appearances: The Prom.

The Host

See Krevlornswath.

Howler Demons

Howler Demon Description: Howler demons are white skinned slimy humanoids with no hair and clawed hands. They have a sulfuric smell and make an eerie high pitched howl when they fight.


Appearances: The Ring.

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