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Gachnar - DECEASED

Gachnar Description: Gachnar was an 8 inch tall humanoid with horns and an inhuman appearance.

Powers: Gachnar can alter reality to manifest the fears of those around him.

Appearances: Fear, Itself.

Show notes: Played by actor Adam Bitterman.

Gates, Forrest

See Forrest Gates.

Gentlemen Demons

Gentlemen Description:

Powers: The Gentlemen can hover above the ground and glide over it instead of walking. They are vulnerable to the sound of a human voice.

Appearances: Hush.

Show notes: Played by actors Charlie Brumbly, Don W. Lewis, Doug Jones and Camden Toy.

Gorch, Candy

See Candy Gorch.

Gorch, Lyle

See Lyle Gorch.

Gorch, Tector

See Tector Gorch.

The Great One

See Taparrich.


Griff See Kaliff Demons.

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