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Forrest Gates - DECEASED

Forrest Gates Description: Forrest was a mixture of human, demon and cybernetic parts.

History: Forrest was a member of The Initiative who was killed by Adam and used as the first of his new breed of soldiers, built in his image using the techniques Professor Walsh used to create Adam. Forrest was killed when attempting to kill/capture Riley Finn. He picked up an explosive air tank and was electrocuted by an overhead wire, causing the tank to explode.

Powers: Forrest was vastly strong and resistant to harm. His speed and reflexes are incredible.

Appearances: The Initiative, Who Are You, Primeval.

Show notes: Played by actor Leonard Roberts.

Fyral Demons

Fyral Description: Fyral demons are powerful humanoids with large curving horns and hooved feet.

Powers: Fyral are super-strong and hard to kill. They can fire a quick drying mucus that turns solid quickly. They are vulnerable to silver. Fyral are a type of possessing demon, who are summoned as a curse and take over a human body. Their body becomes Fyral, and slowly over the period of 24 hours the human mind slips away, with the demon's taking it's place. Fyral demons are violent and not too bright, and only speak the Fyral language.

Appearances: A New Man.

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