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D'Hoffryn Description: D'Hoffryn is a gray skinned demon with pointed ears and horns.

Powers: D'Hoffryn is a powerful demon who resides in Arashmaha, and is in charge of, among other things, assigning demons of vengeance, like Anyanka. He can turn humans into demons, teleport across dimensions and fold time.

Appearances: Doppelgangland, Something Blue.

Show notes: Played by actor Andy Umberger. This demon was called Mr. Hodgepodge by the makeup people, because it was mainly made up of parts from other masks. The skull piece is from the Judge, the ears are from a Sister of Jhe, and the hand pieces are from the Rage Monster.


Dalton Description: Dalton was a caucasian human male who was turned into a vampire in his late twenties or early thirties.

History: Dalton was a scribe who worked for Spike and Drusilla. He translated the text of duLac in order to restore Drusilla to power. He was killed when the Judge felt he had too much humanity in him and burned him.

Powers: Dalton has the normal powers and vulnerabilities of a vampire.

Appearances: What's My Line Part 1, Surprise

Show notes: Played by actor Erik Saiet.


Description: Darla was a caucasian human female who was turned into a vampire in her twenties.

History: In 1753 Darla encountered Angelus in Galway, Ireland, and made into into a vampire. She then trained him in the ways of being a vampire. She was killed in 1997 by Angelus after a gypsy curse had given Angelus a human soul and Angelus sided with Buffy Summers, the Slayer against The Master.

Powers: Darla has the normal powers and vulnerabilities of a vampire.

Appearances: Welcome To The Hellmouth, The Harvest, Angel, The Prodigal, Five By Five.

Show notes: Played by actress Julie Benz. Julie Benz was one of the actresses who tried of for the part of Buffy Summers.

Davrik Demons

Yeska Description:


Names: Yeska.

Doyle, Allen Francis

See Allen Francis Doyle.


Dracula Description:

Powers: Dracula is a Vampire, with all the normal powers and vulnerabilities of one.

Appearances: Buffy Vs. Dracula.

Show notes: Played by actor ?.


Drusilla Description: Drusilla was a caucasian human female who was turned into a vampire in her late teens. She had dark hair, which she wear long and prefers elegant dresses. Drusilla was the sire of Spike and Sheila.

History: In London, 1860, the vampire Angelus took an interest in an innocent young girl with psychic powers. Drusilla had visions of people dying that continually came true and was headed for life in a nunnery until Angelus began killing off her family members, driving her insane in the process. Finally, on the day she was to take her convent's holy vows he turned her into a vampire (recounted in Becoming Part 1). Insane and demonic, Drusilla went on a rampage though Europe. Around 1873 she sired Spike. She was only stopped when, in Prague, Dru was almost killed by an angry mob. In a weakened state from her punishment and still suffering from insanity, Spike took care of her. In the fall of 1997 they arrived in Sunnydale in an attempt to heal Drusilla, allowing her to soak up energy from the Hellmouth, They found Angelus, who by then had gained a soul thanks to a Gypsy curse and was going by the name of Angel. Shortly after arriving, Drusilla sired Sunnydale High bad-girl Sheila as a vampire (School Hard). After stealing a book from Rupert Giles, Spike learned that the blood of a vampire's sire can be used to revitalize a weak vampire (Lie To Me). Spike and Dru kidnapped Angel & torture him before performing the ritual to revitalise Drusilla. Dru was cured, but Spike was badly wounded in the process of protecting her, leaving him wheelchair bound (What's My Line Part 2). Dru and Spike decided to raise the demon known as the Judge and throw a party, but in the process of trying to stop them, Angel lost his soul, returned to his previous evil persona and joined Dru and Spike (Surprise & Innocence). Drusilla then found herself under the effects of a love spell gone astray and fell madly in love with Alexander Harris, and planned on turning him into a vampire, but he evaded her until the spell was lifted (Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered). Completely insane and wanting to destroy the world Angel and Dru tried to raise an even more powerful demon called Acathla who could destroy the world by sucking it into hell. Spike conspired with Buffy, the vampire slayer, to sabotage the plan and take Drusilla away from Sunnydale. Seems Spike likes the world the way it was. Drusilla killed Kendra, the vampire slayer, but was then subdued by Spike, who had healed from him injuries (Becoming Part 1 & 2). Drusilla, mad at Spike for saving the world and ruining her plans dumped him and set out with Chaos demon (mentioned in Lover's Walk). The last heard from her she had dumped the Chaos demon and shacked up with a Fungus Demon, much to Spike annoyance (mentioned in The Harsh Light Of Day).

Powers: Drusilla has the normal powers and vulnerabilities of a vampire, but also has a number of psychic powers, which she was born with as a human. She gets flashes of the future, and had limited abilities to read minds and project her thoughts into others. She has been known to invade other's dreams, make other think she is someone else and paralyze others with her stare.

Appearances: School Hard, What's My Line Part 1 & 2, Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered, Becoming Part 1 & 2.

Show notes: Played by actress Juliet Landau.

(Thanks to Donna Summer from the Watcher's Diary for helping me with this entry.)


Durthok Description:


Appearances: Judgement.

Show notes: Played by actor ?.

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